Date: June 10, 2011

News - Rising Cost of Asphalt in Maryland Makes Concrete Parking Lots Even More Affordable

June marks the 7th month in a row that liquid asphalt prices have jumped and with oil prices on the rise, this trend is bound to continue. While concrete parking lots have always been the choice for those with the long-term in mind, this spike in asphalt prices makes concrete parking lots cost competitive on the first day.

rising cost of asphalt in maryland
The trouble owners face is the momentum that asphalt has. Many are not even told they have a paving option that will cool their buildings, decrease the need for exterior lighting and cut maintenance costs to a fraction of what they are used to.   With asphalt’s approximate 95% marketshare in Maryland, there is little experience in proper parking lot design. Chaney Enterprises has been busy meeting with firms all over the state to educate owners, developer, architects and engineers about how to capitalize on this new cost environment.  Other states are far ahead of Maryland making the switch to concrete for parking lots, driveways and roads. For more information about costs and design, visit our concrete parking lot page.

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