Date: September 4, 2012

News - Resurfacing Damaged Concrete

by Sabrina Largen, Manager, The Concrete Store

Even though concrete stands the test of time with its durability and sustainability, concrete can be damaged. Yet, damaged concrete can be repaired in many cases.

These are some basics steps to accomplish a typical concrete repair. 

  1. Form area—if necessary—ensuring proper support, correct height and adequate slope for drainage. 
  2. Roughen/Abrade the area to be repaired to ensure the resurfacing material will have sufficient bond. This will prevent delaminating of the new and existing area. This procedure will need to be done for each layer if applying in multiple lifts.
  3. Clean and remove all foreign matter, i.e., loose concrete, debris, dirt, dust or any coating that may act as a barrier or bond breaker.
  4. Dampen the surface, but do not puddle. This will prevent the resurfacing material from drying out and will aid in the working time as well.
  5. Apply a thin layer of bonding agent and/or slurry mix before you start applying the resurfacing material. Do not let the area dry. Apply small sections at a time if needed. The bonding agent must be tacky when resurfacing, or the new and existing layer will not bond.
  6. Mix and trowel resurfacing material per manufacturers recommended procedures. (Technical Data sheets must be thoroughly reviewed prior to step one in the procedures)
  7. Floating/troweling should be limited to reduce the possibility of pulling out the bonding polymer that holds the mix together.
  8. Apply a light or heavy broom finish as desired.
    Again, these are fundamental steps. Some projects, however, may be more intricate and require a different approach.

There are many products to choose from for a large variety of applications. The key to a successful repair is knowing your product of choice and ensuring the proper preparation is followed. Our Concrete Store team members are both knowledgeable and friendly, and can provide product recommendations and tips on how to make your a job a successful one.

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