Date: December 1, 1999

News - National Safety Award Presented to Chaney Enterprises

Waldorf, Maryland- A prestigious award, that all companies in the construction industry strive to achieve, has been presented to Chaney Enterprises for their outstanding ability to create and implement programs that promote safety in every aspect of their company. The Platinum Award for Excellence in Safety, sponsored by Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc. (ABC), examines the different categories of safety such as workers compensation claims, lost workdays from injuries, regularity and consistency of safety meetings, company insurance modifier ratings, etc.

Their ability to stand above the leading companies in their industry from around the country, in regards to safety, is a true honor. The purpose of this award is to recognize the outstanding efforts made by the companies that make it their duty to go above and beyond the safety guidelines established as normal business practices. Out of a tallied score of 159 points, Chaney Enterprises showed their excellence in safety by achieving a score of 151 points. Through the implementation of programs created by Safety Manager Mary Anne O’Hagan and adhered to by the many employees of Chaney Enterprises, awards of this nature are made possible.

In an industry where safety is a constant consideration, there needs to be self-regulation and enforcement initiatives to increase the caliber of safe working practices so that Chaney Enterprises employees and surrounding communities will be safe at work, on the roads, and around their homes. The presentation of the Platinum Award for Excellence in Safety to Chaney Enterprises is a reminder that Chaney Enterprises is maintaining their commitment to the communities in which they operate, in an effort to be welcome members of the community.

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