Date: February 9, 2024

News - Chaney Enterprises Wins MdQI Award for Sustainability in Nice-Middleton Bridge Project

Chaney Enterprises Wins MdQI Award for Sustainability in Nice-Middleton Bridge Project

Chaney Enterprises is proud to announce its recognition by the Maryland Quality Initiative (MdQI) for excellence in sustainability for its pivotal role in the concrete construction of the new Governor Harry W. Nice Memorial/Senator Thomas “Mac” Middleton Bridge, commonly known as the Nice-Middleton Bridge. The MdQI award highlights Chaney Enterprises' commitment to innovative, environmentally conscious practices in infrastructure development.

The Nice-Middleton Bridge, a critical addition to Maryland’s transportation network, stands as a testament to sustainable engineering and construction practices. Rising 135 feet above the Potomac River, the bridge provides expanded capacity with four 12-foot-wide lanes, facilitating smoother traffic flow and enhancing emergency response capabilities. Notably, the bridge features a concrete barrier to prevent head-on collisions, ensuring the safety of commuters.

Chaney Enterprises played a vital role in the project's success by providing high-quality concrete and introducing innovative sustainability solutions. One such solution is the Hydro Carbonic Purification system, which revolutionized water management on the job site. This cutting-edge system allowed for the real-time recycling and reuse of process water, significantly reducing environmental impact, and promoting responsible resource utilization.

The Hydro Carbonic Purification system employed by Chaney Enterprises filtered out nitrates, sediments, and bacteria from process water, rendering it clean and potable for reuse. This sustainable approach not only minimized water waste but also contributed to the project's overall environmental stewardship.

In addition to its sustainability initiatives, Chaney Enterprises prioritized the use of eco-friendly materials and responsible sourcing throughout the project. By incorporating up to 40% fly ash and locally sourced aggregates into concrete mixes, the project significantly reduced its environmental footprint. Furthermore, Chaney Enterprises erected a portable concrete plant on-site, further minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact.

The completion of the New Nice-Middleton Bridge ahead of schedule, coupled with its sustainable design and construction, marks a significant milestone in Maryland's infrastructure development. Chaney Enterprises is honored to receive the MdQI award for sustainability, reaffirming its commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility in the construction industry.


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