Date: April 22, 1996

News - Chaney Enterprises Wins ABC’s 1996 Award of Excellence

Frank Chaney accepted the Best Manufacturing Plant Award as Chaney Enterprises was honored by Associated Builders and Contractors of Anne Arundel - Southern Maryland Chapter (ABC) at their 1996 Excellence in Construction Awards banquet. Everyone at Chaney Enterprises should be very proud of winning this award, as this award is proof that our efforts in pursuit of producing quality products and service are well directed and recognized.

The ABC Excellence in Construction Program is a national program designed to recognize the efforts of Merit Shop Contractors and Manufacturers in supplying quality products and services. Although we have numerous facilities which could have been entered, we elected to enter our Upper Marlboro facility in the Manufacturing category.

Chaney Enterprises manufacturing plant in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, was constructed in the spring of 1972. The plant is located at the intersection of Route 3/301 and Route 4 in Prince Georges County. This location gives us superb access to our customers’ projects in Prince Georges County, Northern Calvert County, and Southern Anne Arundel County. Since the time the plant was constructed we have batched and delivered in excess of one million (1,000,000) cubic yards of quality concrete from the Upper Marlboro plant to our customers in this market area. This facility is the culmination of generations of manufacturing and engineering experience combined with a perpetual commitment to improve our products and services. The "state-of-the-art" manufacturing facility is enhanced by its outstanding personnel.

In conformance with our desire to continuously improve and offer our customers the best products and services we decided to make major improvements to our Upper Marlboro facility. Upon the completion of needs assessment and planning the plant was closed to implement major renovations. The following are the significant improvements which were made to our Upper Marlboro facility:

• Installation of a new PSI Eagle+ Batching Computer
• Replacement of the Aggregate Scale and Storage Bins
• Reconstruction of the material handling system
• Improvements were made to enlarge the truck loading hopper
• Installation of a new fueling system
• Addition of a seven hundred (700) barrel cementitious material silo
• Installation of a twelve inch (12") trench drain
• A new exit gate and new loading pattern were designed and implemented
• A new facility was constructed to secure the storage of lubricants and admixtures
• Several improvements were made to improve function ability and beautification of the plant.

Six (6) weeks from the date of closing, the Upper Marlboro plant was re-opened producing high-quality concrete to satisfy our customers’ needs. These major renovations were all made in pursuit of our commitment to provide our customers with the best people, products, and services in our industry.

It is indeed a great honor for our company to win this award. It is a reflection of the effort everyone at Chaney Enterprises puts into their job. Once again, it is the combination of people, products, equipment, technical and engineering expertise, and facilities which allow Chaney Enterprises to be their customers’ best supplier.

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