Date: May 11, 2009

News - Chaney Enterprises To Receive AWE Workplace Excellence Award

Chaney Enterprises was granted the 2009 Alliance for Workplace Excellence Award in March, one of 56 companies in the Metropolitan Washington Region to be named as excellent workplaces.

“We are elated to win this award. It is refreshing that our company’s unwavering commitment to the overall well being of our employees, industry and community was recognized by the Alliance for Workplace Excellence. This is a very special award to all of us, especially during these difficult economic times,” said William F. Childs, president and CEO of Chaney Enterprises. Family owned and operated for more than 45 years, this is the first time Chaney Enterprises has been recognized by the Alliance for Workplace Excellence.

The company employs 234 delivery professionals, support personnel and administrative staff located in nine Maryland counties.

The Alliance for Workplace Excellence (AWE) created the Workplace Excellence and Health & Wellness Trailblazer Awards to highlight businesses that promote professional fulfillment and personal wellness at work, home and in the community. All applicants undergo a rigorous assessment process led by an independent review panel of professors, PhD professionals, and doctoral candidates in business, industrial and organizational psychology, and human resources.

In meeting the requirements for the award, Chaney Enterprises was noted for its supportive corporate culture and management practices, family and employee-friendly policies and practices, strong employee health and wellness Initiatives, comprehensive growth and learning opportunities and demonstrating corporate social responsibility and employee volunteerism.

Chaney Enterprises was noted for its commitment to training and education through the Chaney University. In addition to position and corporate-related training, employees participate in ongoing safety training courses specific to their areas of responsibility within the company. All vehicle operators take Defensive Driving classes and mining personnel take site specific training annually.

The company’s comprehensive and affordable wellness program was also recognized. Currently the company pays 80 percent of an employee’s health benefit. When employees participate in the Wellness Program and Health Assessment, the company will reduce out-of-pocket costs by another 50 percent.

The AWE will recognize the regional awardees at its annual awards luncheon on June 3 in Bethesda. More than 600 leading business executives are expected to attend. The keynote speaker will be Chris Smith, chief operating officer of the U.S. Green Building Council.

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