Date: March 18, 1996

News - Chaney Enterprises Safety Director named Maryland Motor Truck Association

Waldorf, Maryland— Chaney Enterprises' Safety Director, Mary Anne O'Hagan, was recently awarded the Maryland Motor Trucks Association's (MMTA) "Lynwood M. Robinson Memorial Award - Safety Director of the Year - 1995." Ms. O'Hagan is the first woman recipient of this award in the association’s 60-year history. She was named in recognition of and appreciation for her untiring efforts on behalf of the Safety Management Council and for promoting Safety on our Highways.

Maryland Motor Truck Association was formed in 1935 as the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt confronted the trucking industry with the National Industrial Recovery Act. This depression-born measure called for all businesses to develop a code of fair competition. Since it's inception six decades ago, MMTA has grown to match the needs of the industry, while providing assistance that will allow members to compete smarter and adapt to the ever-changing business environment.
The present membership for MMTA stands at 1,118 members and has gained its strength through the emergence of separate councils within MMTA. These councils were formed to focus on specific aspects of the trucking industry, such as safety requirements, maintenance issues, and accounting and finance matters.

Mary Anne O'Hagan, strives to ensure that Chaney Enterprises establishes and maintains the highest business principles and standards, such as MMTA, while confirming adherence to environmental and safety standards established for the communities in which we work and live.

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