Date: May 19, 2010

News - Chaney Enterprises Recognized for Excellence in Concrete Construction

The American Concrete Institute (ACI), Maryland Chapter will again honor Chaney Enterprises for Excellence in Concrete Construction on May 27 at its awards dinner in Baltimore. This is the second consecutive year the company has been recognized. Chaney Enterprises was the concrete supplier for two award-winning projects. 

The ACI recognizes the outstanding efforts of design and construction by members within the region’s concrete industry each year. Innovation, creativity and excellence in the use of concrete and concrete products are focus points. 

The ACI Award for Architectural/Decorative Concrete category was given to the Annapolis Recreation Center (location), owned by the City of Annapolis. Chaney Enterprises supplied more than 3,500 cubic yards of concrete, including Self-Consolidating concrete. The construction team for the recreation center was Alt Breeding Schwarz Architects, structural engineering firm Columbia Engineering Inc., general contractor Scheibel Construction and concrete contractor Bartley Corp. 

The Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) in Salisbury was named the ACI Award for Sustainability Category for the installation of a 2-acre Pervious Concrete parking lot as a component of the LEED certification for a major renovation of the medical center. This is the largest Pervious Concrete project on the Eastern Shore. Team members for the project are owner PRMC, architect Becker Morgan Group Inc., general contractor Barton Malow, concrete contractor Z Con Inc., and concrete supplier C&D Concrete, sister company of Chaney Enterprises. 

An honorable mention will be given to the Mirant Morgantown Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS) project. The scope of this project was to construct a retrofit of the system to include flue gas desulfurization units. These units are designed to significantly reduce sulfur dioxide and other air pollutants resulting from burning coal at the Morgantown and Chalk Point power plants. The scrubber will remove 95 percent or more sulfur dioxide, known to cause acid rain, from the flue gases. 

The awards dinner will be held at The Engineers Club at the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion in Baltimore.

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