Date: November 10, 2010

News - Chaney Draincrete Showcased in National Green Site Award

A new pervious driveway to the historic Bordley-Randall House in Annapolis garnered national recognition, taking the first Green Site Award, Residential Category sponsored by the publishers of “Concrete Construction” and “Concrete Producer” last month. Hyde Concrete, a long-time customer of Chaney Enterprises, installed the concrete. The award recognizes innovative contributions to green construction in 11 categories. 

“To install a new Pervious Concrete driveway in this historic city’s center was a feat that sets the [environmental practice] standard and sends a clear message that proper environmental stewardship is necessary in the design of future projects,” said Greg Hryniewicz, owner of Hyde Concrete, a National Ready Mix Concrete-certified Pervious Concrete technician. 

A private Georgian residence, Bordley-Randall House is situated in the heart of the historic district of Annapolis, within eyeshot of the State Capitol. The 1.25-acre parcel is nestled inside a city block and accessed through a narrow alley off a narrow street. 

Deborah Schwab Landscape Architecture in Annapolis addressed this project as the most recent in several environmental improvement projects to the property. The goal of the property owners was to reduce the runoff from the existing driveway, composed of asphalt, gravel, dirt and some concrete and several roof areas, while also providing a new driveway and improvements to adjacent paved surface areas. The design had to comply with standards within the Registered Federal Historic District as administered by the Annapolis Preservation Commission, who approved the project before work could begin. Deborah Schwab, RLA, ASLA, collaborated with Hyde Concrete, and incorporated their recommendations to streamline the work and accommodate requests from the city’s permitting agencies. “This driveway is the first Pervious Concrete project in the Annapolis Historic District and can provide an example of incorporating sustainable design solutions into the historic fabric of the city.

The finished driveway included nearly 2,000 square feet of Pervious Concrete and 250 square feet of colored concrete with an exposed aggregate finish was incorporated in the driveway’s apron and garage entrances to complete the concrete work. Brick walls and walkways using recycled bricks and landscaping by Landscapes by Keith rounded out the project, and met all historic design requirements. 

Hryniewicz attributes the success of this unique project to effective communications, planning and innovative thinking, benefitting the advances of green construction methods. “This was a small, seemingly unglamorous job, but it marks a significant turning point in the use of green construction in historic residential projects.” 

Chaney Enterprises is on the leading edge of developing, testing and producing high-quality concrete mixes, such as Pervious Concrete and concrete overlays, for customers throughout the region. The company is a major supplier of Insulated Concrete Forms and other building materials and is the One Stop Shop™ for construction materials and supplies. Serving Maryland and neighboring Metropolitan DC since 1962, we strive to provide superior, top-quality products as we employ a combination of land management and environmentally friendly practices unsurpassed in the industry.

The completed renovation above to the driveway and adjacent walkways to the historic Georgian home, the Bordley-Randall House in Annapolis, MD.
The completed renovation above to the driveway and adjacent walkways to the historic Georgian home, the Bordley-Randall House in Annapolis, MD.

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