Date: May 21, 2013

News - Case Study:Fast Placement of a Concrete Parking Lot

Concrete Parking Lot

Steve Tripp, Marketing Manager

For years, people have thought that while concrete is the best long-term choice, it would often take several years to pay off.  Recent changes in materials pricing, paving equipment and modern design methods have completely changed the way we look at concrete pavements.  Chaney Enterprises recently had a chance to put all these modern paving methods to the test on the Founders Building in Gambrills, MD where our new corporate headquarters will be next month.

Competitive concrete parking lots begin with good design.  For this project, the existing asphalt design and geotechnical report were given to the National Ready Mix Concrete Association’s Design Assistance Program.  A full report and design was returned within a week.  This design eliminated the need for an imported sub-base, wire mesh and also with smaller joints and joint spacing, eliminated the need for joint sealing.  Without these unnecessary design features, and by following the ACI 330 recommendations for thickness, concrete has a fighting chance to compete on an equal footing to asphalt.

The placement was done with a Somero S-840 ride-on laser screed.  Hyde Concrete completed the project and this was the first time Hyde Concrete used this type of screed to finish concrete. “This is an impressive machine, and took a lot of work out of the job,” said Greg Hyde Hryniewicz, president of Hyde Concrete. “It’s a small tool with a big punch, and it did exactly what it was supposed to do,” he added.  This dramatically decreased construction time.  The finishing was quick and simple.  After screeding, all that was involved was an initial bull float, a medium broom finish, a quality cure and seal application and then the joints where saw cut.

Not only does it save money, but less finishing of the concrete, including the elimination of troweling, actually improves the quality and durability of the concrete.

The 15,000 square foot parking lot was finished in well under a day, displaying just how quick concrete construction can be when good design and placement techniques are used.

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