Date: May 24, 2016

News - Build With Strength

Build With Strength

The National Ready Mix Concrete Association has launched a new advocacy program for concrete buildings called Build With Strength.  This program’s main focus is to educate legislators, design professionals, investors, and builders that there is no product as safe, strong or durable as ready mix concrete.

The wood industry has been impeding upon low to mid-rise building structures for some time and have convinced a select few that it is a viable option on the main basis that it is less expensive.  When it comes to structures that we work and live in, multi-family housing especially; safety should be one of our top priorities.  As we all know, concrete does not rot and more importantly, does not burn. 

When it comes to the elements and the wrath of Mother Nature, concrete construction is the only safe and durable choice for new and existing projects.  The list of projects, homeowners, and business owners that can attest to this in our country and around the world is almost endless.  As it’s mentioned in the campaign’s introductory video, “just ask the Romans.”

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