Date: September 10, 2013

Bioretention Specialty Blends


The soil mix used in bioretention stormwater management systems is central for determining flow control and water quality treatment performance. Soil mixes for bioretention areas need to balance three primary design objectives to provide optimum performance.


  • Provide high enough infiltration rates to capture the stormwater and not allow runoff.
  • Provide infiltration rates that are not too high in order to optimize pollutant removal capability.
  • Provide a growth media that supports long-term plant and soil health.


Specialty Blends are soil mixes that meet the exact specifications of any individual project.

Based on specifications supplied by you, we will create a custom blended soil combining sand, peat, compost, soil conditioners, or any other related product you request. The specialty blend soil mix performs better than standard soils because it is engineered for your specific project. Specialty blends increase your ability to implement successful bioretention stormwater management projects.


We also have SHA specification 920.01.05 and MDE specification B.4.1 in stock and ready for pickup. To order call (888) 864-8101, to pick up visit our Waldorf, Annapolis or Riddle (Sands Road) Plants.