Date: December 15, 2016

News - Better Base for Your Bottom Line - Recycled Concrete

recycled concrete base

Recycled concrete aggregate is a great cost-saving alternative and can be used in place of virgin aggregate in many typical construction applications.  Recycling concrete isn’t just green for the planet, but it also puts green in your wallet.

Following the strict guidelines of the ACI 555 document, we turn old concrete into recycled concrete aggregates or RCA.  Recycled concrete comes in two sizes: RC6 and RC2.  The RC6 is more fine and has dust.  It is compactable material and is most comparable to the CR6 product we carry.  RC2 has an average size of two inches and is most comparable to the two-inch bluestone that we carry.

Because recycled concrete needs to be crushed and sorted and is based on the availability of old concrete, it may not be available in all locations and at all times.

38 states use some form of recycle concrete as an approved aggregate base.  Some of the most comprehensive specifications for the use of RCA comes from Louisiana, Washington, and Virginia.

Recycled concrete has a variety of uses. Talk to one of our sales or customer service representatives to find out how you can improve your business by using recycled aggregate.

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