The Chaney Foundation funds endowments for Scholarships in Construction, Real Estate, and other majors affiliated with our industries at the following colleges:
Please contact the institutions directly for more information regarding availablity and the application process for these scholarships.
For students wishing to pursue a career in real estate or the construction industry and would like to attend Virginia Tech but would like to save some money, there is a solution.  As of the Spring 2016, thanks to Chaney Enterprises' Chairman Francis H. Chaney II, an articulation agreement was created between the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech.)  
This agreement states that students interested in these careers can attend the College of Southern Maryland for two years then, if they meet the minimum grade requirement, can have a guarenteed spot at Virginia Tech to tranfer and complete their bachelor's degree.  
Click here to read more about this monumental agreement with Virginia Tech.

Past Scholarship Recipients
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