Tilt-Up Concrete Construction

Tilt-Up Concrete Construction Photo

Concrete tilt-up construction has been around for over a century and has evolved into the preferred method of construction for industrial use.  Over 15% of industrial buildings and structures from 5,000 square feet to over 1.5 million square feet that have been built throughout the nation consist of concrete tilt-up.

The main benefits of tilt-up construction are its efficiency, durability, and reasonable cost.

  • Due to the thermal mass in concrete, heating and cooling peaks and loads are reduced therefore reducing energy costs.

  • Concrete is the strongest and most durable product available while naturally being fire resistant.

  • Costs are easier to control as less skilled labor is needed and the speed at which these types of buildings are constructed is much faster than in-place materials.

Each year roughly 10,000 buildings consisting of more than 650 million square feet are constructed using tilt-up.  

The largest building footprint constructed of tilt-up construction is the Target Import Warehouse in Savannah, GA in the amount of 2,029,554 square feet.  For a list of other top tilt-up projects as well as answers to any of your questions regarding this beneficial concrete building product, visit Tilt-Up Concrete Association