Concrete Pays

The Smarter Way to Pave.
The Smarter Way to Pave

Concrete's durability means your pavement will stand the test of time without the maintenance costs of asphalt. It also has more environmental and energy saving advantages. And with the sky-rocketing price of asphalt, it pays to use concrete now more than ever.

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The Smarter Way to Think Green.
The Smarter Way to Think Green

Because its bright surface reflects heat and light, concrete lowers your lighting bill and helps keep your neighborhood cool. It's even more fuel efficient to drive on -- 4% more fuel efficient for cars and 7% for trucks.

Concrete is green in many other ways too.

The Smarter Way to Drain.
The Smarter Way to Drain

Drain-Crete, our pervious concrete mix, allows water to flow right through it into the soil, so there's no need for costly stormwater management systems. That way you can use the saved space more efficiently and reduce both initial and long-term project costs. Drain-Crete also filters out water-borne pollutants and allows air and water to reach tree roots.

The Smarter Way to Repave.
The Smarter Way to Repave

Whitetopping turns your old, ragged asphalt into a pristine new concrete surface that's cost efficient, durable, and attractive. Whitetopping is a process that covers outdated and unsightly asphalt with a thin, closely jointed layer of concrete. The process is more simple, and the finished product is more durable than it would be if asphalt replaced asphalt.

Whitetopping has the same light and heat reflective properties as traditional concrete, making its surface and ambient temperatures much cooler than that of asphalt. As indicated by the color scale to the left, the asphalt parking lot in the "before" photo becomes much cooler after it has been covered with whitetopping in the "after" photo.