Money Savings for Contractors

Reducing manpower while accelerating construction will lower costs, increases productivity and increases profits. Here are just a few products that we have seen improve the profitability of jobs for general contractors and concrete sub-contractors.
Truck Turn Around
We frequently find that our customers that run the most profitable businesses are able to unload and place concrete the fastest. Your sales representative can sit down with your and look at your unload times, truck turnaround and other time factors that can greatly improve your profitability and make you more competitive.
Self-Consolidating Concrete
Self-consolidating concrete’s workability increases the ease and efficiency of concrete construction.  With rapid pumping and the elimination of the vibration step, SCC decreases construction time and the manpower needed on site. SCC flows more quickly from the concrete mixer as well, decreasing the time trucks spend at the job site.  No energy is used for vibration, and the absence of vibratory stress on the formwork diminishes both the formwork’s initial costs and maintenance costs. Self-consolidating concrete’s ability to produce a flawless finish also reduces labor costs associated with patch repairs.
Pervious Concrete
Drain-Crete, Chaney Enterprises mix of pervious concrete  reduces initial costs by eliminating the need for stormwater management systems that are expensive to construct. Additionally, our drain-crete mix uses the latest technology to increase flowability of pervious concrete.
Concrete Parking
Pound for pound and cubic yard for cubic yard, concrete is the less expensive material.
Eliminate or reduce standing around waiting for bleed water or initial set of your concrete with the use of accelerating and water reducing admixtures. Working with your sales representative and our Technical Services Department, we can optimize a custom mix that can increase your profitability.
Flowable Fill
Because it flows into place and settles on its own, flowable fill reduces the cost of manpower and equipment. While traditional compacted fill requires two laborers for placement and two laborers for compaction, flowable fill requires only one laborer for placement and no compaction. Using flowable fill also eliminates the need for conventional backfilling equipment such as compactors and backhoes.
Using concrete sealers is the best way to protect new concrete from weather elements. This not only provides value for your customer but also prevents you from returning to repair damaged concrete.