Pervious Concrete Overview

Concrete Brief

Surface run-off in to the Chesapeake Bay is one of the major environmental issues facing the mid-Atlantic region.  Drain-Crete, Chaney Enterprises’ own mix of pervious concrete, provides a unique and cost effective solution that eliminates run off. 

Pervious concrete is a unique blend of concrete with interconnected voids which allow hundreds of inches per hour of rain to drain through.  This completely eliminates run off from even the worst storms.  Water is then stored underneath the pavement until it has time to naturally infiltrate down into the subgrade and recharge ground water resources. The permeability of the sub grade is frequently the determining factor as to if pervious concrete is the right solution.  The better the soil drains, the better pervious concrete can meet project storm water requirements. 

With the rising costs of asphalt and the elimination of other storm water measures, Drain-Crete is competitive on initial costs and has vastly superior lifecycle advantages.


Proper maintenance of pervious concrete starts with good design to prevent clogging.  We recommend at least an annual infiltration test to determine what type of maintenance is needed or if it is needed.  As with many things, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” so keeping the pavement surface free of dirt and debris will save money and extend the life of your concrete.  If for some reason the concrete does become clogged, there are many restoration options locally available.Because Drain-Create has a void ratio of about 20%, any incidental water caught in the voids has more than enough room to expand during freezing temperatures.  


Besides the obvious drainage advantages, Drain-Crete typically qualifies for 3 full LEED credits by handling storm water quality and quantity and, with its bright color, reducing the urban heat island effect.  Drain-Crete also contributes to other LEED credits including recycled content, regional materials, and regional priorities.  By eliminating other space intensive storm water solutions, Drain-Crete also saves space allowing for more efficient use of land which increases revenue opportunities.  Its brighter color decreases lighting needs by about 30% while providing a superior safety and security.


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