Concrete Overlay of MD 210

Concrete Brief

Maryland Route 210 is a busy corridor that feeds the Washington DC beltway. With heavy commercial and private use of this busy road, a durable pavement was needed that does not need constant, delay-causing repair and maintenance. To minimize construction delays and maximize project life, the Maryland State Highway Administration choose a concrete overlay as the paving solution.

The section under construction was comprised of three lanes from Farmington Road to Maryland Route 373 and was completed in one month.

To ensure that never less than two lanes were open at all times, the State Highway Administration made use of the shoulder for daily traffic. For a smooth surface and a quiet ride, the finished product was than diamond grinded. Because of the time-sensitive nature of this project, ontime delivery was extremely critical to this job. Chaney Enterprises was chosen impart because of our well established record of being consistently rated as the most on time ready-mix concrete producer in the region.

Other concrete overlays, also known as whitetopping, that have been applied are the Maryland Route 3 and Cronson Boulevard intersection in Anne Arundel County and the Maryland Route 355 and Maryland Route 27 intersection in Montgomery County.

Now that Route 210 is complete, it is the largest concrete overlay in Maryland’s history totaling 1.43 miles or 40,269 square yards. More than 27,000 vehicles drive over this section daily.

One of the best benefits of using whitetopping, is that it actually extends the lifespan of pavement by 20-30 years while virtually eliminating the need for sealing and other maintenance.