Date: November 26, 2014

VA Concrete Subdivision Getting It Done

The high end esthetics of concrete paving completes the luxurious townhomes of Amelia Square in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the first concrete subdivision in Virginia since 1991.  Located in the heart of the historic district on William Street, 20 exclusive three and four story brick townhouses have been constructed along with 1,900 square feet of concrete paving and Pervious Concrete

Due to including Pervious Concrete in the project plans, the developer was able to decrease his onsite storm water calculations which therefore decreased his material and labor costs.  More Pervious Concrete equals less storm chambers and equals significant cost savings to all who are involved.

This project completed by Silver Development Companies is a great showcase for concrete paving and Pervious Concrete since it is centrally located, in an upscale neighborhood, and visibility will increase even further once the 50,000 square foot commercial building that is being planned directly off of William Street commences.    

For more information on the features and benefits of pervious and concrete paving click here.

VA Concrete Subdivision Getting It Done