Date: September 5, 2019

News - Time to Say "Bon Voyage" to Our CEO, Bill Childs

Bill Childs Retires as CEO of Chaney Enterprises

A Letter from our CEO:

I want to let the wonderful people I have
worked with and served as a teammate,
material supplier, community member, industry
associate or legislative representative know
that I will be retiring from Chaney Enterprises
at the beginning of October 2019. The
Construction Industry, the Construction
Materials Industry and Chaney Enterprises
have given an exceptional venue providing the
fellowship, challenges, opportunities, rewards,
pride, opportunity to make a positive difference
and fun that make for a fulfilling, professional

The great thing about these qualities in a
professional career is that they are available
to anyone who fully engages themselves in
our industry or our company. I cannot think of
any industry or company that does a better
job offering these special career opportunities
to anyone who actively participates. We are all
engaged in a great industry! We also all owe a
tremendous debt of gratitude to those who have
come before us in our industry and at Chaney
Enterprises. Our industry and our company
began on sheer guts, drive and determination.

I will focus the rest of my thoughts on Chaney
Enterprises acknowledging that our company is
representative of many family owned businesses
across the United States. Our company was
founded in 1962 by Eugene Chaney, his son
Dickie and a handful of other dedicated,
committed people with a dream and common
vision. Since the beginning of our company
there have been innumerable great people on
the front line, managers division managers and
executives who, through their dedicated service,
continuously improved Chaney Enterprises. We
have grown dramatically over the last 57 years,
always focused on the founding principles of
taking care of the people we serve, doing the
right things the right way, and giving back!
We must never stray from these beliefs and
we must always remember the great service
and the efforts of those who came before us.
I would like to thank the entire Chaney Family
for providing me the opportunity to serve this
wonderful company beginning in 1992!!!

All of us should be effervescent with pride in the
“e’sprit de corps” we have developed and the
accomplishments we have achieved. The really
great news is that the future is even brighter
than the past for the people and communities
associated with Chaney Enterprises, as well as,
the company itself. We now have 39 operating
facilities strategically located in Maryland,
Virginia, Washington D.C. and Delaware, staffed
by true professionals who are committed to
taking great care of the people, businesses
and communities they serve. We have a
formal commitment to continue to grow, thrive
and prosper, ensuring there will always be
opportunities for personal and professional
growth and development within Chaney

You may ask with everything going so well at
Chaney Enterprises why would you retire? That
all begins with strategic planning, which has
always been an integral component of Chaney
Enterprises’ overall success. In our 2008
strategic planning, we determined that we
needed to change the structure of our company
and get the right people in the right positions
to fully capitalize on the opportunities, which
the marketplace was certain to present to us
in the future. We focused first on the structure,
ensuring that it was productive and efficient
and “easy to do business with”. The next step
was to make sure we had the right people in the
right positions throughout our company. The
final step was to determine the best successor
for me.

We determined that Hall Chaney would, most
likely, be the best successor to serve as the next
CEO of Chaney Enterprises. We promoted Hall
Chaney to President in 2016 as the final test to
determine if he would be the next CEO. Hall has
performed in an exceptional manner over the
last three years and will become my successor.
He is a great young man who will lead our
company and team members ensuring Chaney
Enterprises will continue to grow, thrive and
prosper by serving its employees, customers,
industry and communities.

The ultimate job of any leader is to ensure
long-term sustainability and success of the
enterprise or venture they are leading. Our
culture is firmly instilled in the members of the
Chaney Enterprises Team; our organization
structure is correct and focused on efficiently
serving the needs of all of our constituents.
Our team has the right people in the right
places, and we have a very capable successor
who is prepared and eager to serve our team
members, our customers, our industry and
our communities. I have completed my service
to all of these people and entities. I am retiring
from Chaney Enterprises and our affiliated
companies feeling completely fulfilled and very
proud of our collective accomplishments over
the years.

I would like to thank all of the wonderful people
I have worked with at Chaney Enterprises,
served as a material supplier, worked with in
our tremendous industry associations and
been associated with in our communities and
legislative arenas over the last 28 years. I would
also like to thank my father and mother for
making me aware at a very young age what a
fantastic opportunity the construction industry
offered. Most importantly I would like to thank
my wife of 38 years, Vikki, for her unwavering
support, dedication and commitment to
my career with Chaney Enterprises and our
industry! I am very much looking forward to
continuing to serve Chaney Enterprises as
a Director for many years to come! Chaney
Enterprises and everyone actively engaged
with it have an extremely bright future!



William F. Childs IV
Chief Executive Officer

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