Date: November 12, 2015

Stay On Track This Winter

Stay On Track This Winter

It's not too early to think about placing your orders for traction sand for this upcoming winter.  Especially, if we are in for a harsh winter and another expected sand shortage this season.

For “young” concrete, or any concrete placed within the past year, it is especially important to refrain from using harsh chemicals on the surface during the wintertime.  Never use products containing ammonium nitrate or ammonium sulphate (fertilizer).  These chemicals are often packaged and sold as deicers, but they will rapidly disintegrate the concrete.  Application of excessive amounts of calcium or sodium chloride can cause the unappealing result of scaling.

As a safe, inexpensive and environmentally friendly alternative, apply traction sand to your outdoor, walkways, driveways, streets and roads.  Traction sand is also a great alternative from salt since much of that salt ends up in our waterways after the snow melts.  This contributes to high levels of salinity in the Chesapeake Bay which in turn ends up depleting life-sustaining oxygen in the water.

Traction sand is availible thoughout our market area. Call 888-244-0411 today for pricing and availability.