Date: April 13, 2015

Special Soil Season

Get to know a variety of specialty soils in demand and available this season.  Here is a breakdown of our most popular products:


Baseball Infield Mix

A great infield mix for your baseball and softball diamonds, starts with the right raw materials, balanced and mixed for performance. Field maintenance crews and players want a infield that is durable, with low dust and drainable. Our ball diamond infield mix is specially designed with maintenance crews and players in mind. We can meet any local infield mix specification.


Sand for Your Green

Time to refresh your golf course sand?  Greens top dressing, bunker sand, and rootzone construction sand are available through Chaney while all types meet USGA specifications.  Fairway top dressing is also available although it does not necessarily need to meet USGA spec.  Most superintendents will typically choose C-33 sand for this application.


Volleyball Mix

No one wants to play volleyball in a court of dust only to dive for the ball and scrape up their skin on top of it.  Sand is the one thing to not skimp on when building a volleyball court or replacing the existing material.  Washed masonry sand makes for an excellent court material as it does not compact when it becomes wet.  The sand depth of the court can be anywhere from 12 to 24 inches.  To calculate how much masonry sand needed for a project, click here


Chaney Enterprises can provide you with many of your outdoor aggregate sport needs.  The ball is simply in your court.  888-424-2639