Date: May 31, 2017

Save the Day with the Super Sac

aggregate super sac

The Super Sac is the answer for when you need a smaller amount of material delivered to a job. Available in concrete or mason sand, these sacs carry 1 ½ tons. Since our aggregate deliveries require a minimum haul of 5 tons, the Super Sac is a convenient and affordable alternative.

Available for delivery or pick up, the Super Sac is a favorite among masonry contractors working on small foundations or other projects.  Contractors can save time and money by having their concrete masonry units (CMU’s) and other supplies delivered to the job with an aggregate Super Sac.

Need a small amount of concrete sand for your drainage solution?  Or are you a landscape contractor in need of bedding sand for a hardscape job?  Save yourself the hassle and get your pavers delivered along with your Super Sac so you can spend more time selling more jobs!


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