Date: May 11, 2017

Save $, Use Reusable Forms

plastic concrete forms

Plastic concrete forms are a lightweight alternative to traditional wood forming and are simple to set, strip, and transport saving you time and money. Our plastic concrete forms can be used repeatedly for flatwork and curb & gutter pours.  These forms will not rot, splinter, or rust. Plastic concrete forms are easy to clean and have an outstanding weatherability as they can withstand harsh construction conditions.  Straight and curved forming systems are designed for many types of concrete construction.

Here’s a quick summary of the multitude of benefits these forms provide:

  • Reuse: One-time purchase with documented reuses of 150 times or more.  (Lumber has an estimate use of 2-3 times.)
  • Quality: Uniformity of height and straightness. Wood boards warp and board heights are not accurate. For a 4” sidewalk, standard 2”x4” lumber will only get you 3.5” of height.
  • Weight: 50% lighter than wood.
  • Setup time:  Concrete forms made of plastic setup in half the time it takes to set with wood forms.
  • Strip time: Plastic strips in half the time it takes to strip wood.
  • Finishing time:  Concrete adheres to wood creating additional finishing time. With plastic forms, less finishing is required.
  • Clean-up: Plastic forms rinse clean with a garden hose and brush.  Wood forms require scraping to remove concrete build-up.

The Concrete Store carries 4” PolyMeta plastic concrete forms in stock.  Other sizes are available for special order.  For more information, call and speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 888-233-0477.