Date: November 18, 2008

Rowe Materials Joins Chaney Enterprises: Jeff Slagle Named General Manager

Last month, Rowe Materials of Fredericksburg joined Chaney Enterprises of Maryland, becoming part of a leading concrete manufacturer and aggregate supplier in the Mid-Atlantic region.

In 1995, Chaney Enterprises, a family-owned company established in 1962, formed a partnership with Rowe Concrete, now known as Rowe Materials. Forming this partnership allows these companies, which are both owned by well-respected local families, to share the strengths of an existing market area, access to sophisticated business practices and technology, and the advantage of increased financial stability.

Chaney Enterprises has won numerous national, state and local awards for community involvement, environmental stewardship, employee training and excellence in production and products. Chaney Enterprises is also recognized as the leader in our industry in the state of Maryland and is excited to bring the same level of excellence to Virginia. This new relationship will extend Rowe Materials and Chaney Enterprises’ concrete market area from Ocean City, MD to Orange, VA for a total of 15 state-of-the-art ready mix concrete plants.

Leading Rowe Materials is Jeff Slagle. “Jeff has the experience, knowledge, culture, drive, dedication, commitment and youthful energy to work with Rowe’s customers and staff and ensure the company’s long-term success,” said William Childs, president of Chaney Enterprises. Childs added that the company has a greater vision, “To be recognized as the best in our industry in North America by our employees, our customers, our peers and our community.”

“Chaney Enterprises is committed to provide its customers in Virginia with the same best people, finest products and accurate information, the first time, on time and every time as it has for Maryland, and I hope to apply my 14 years of industry experience to meet that commitment,” said Slagle.

Slagle joined Chaney in 1994 as a sales trainee. He held the company’s top salesperson position for many years, and became sales manager in 2003. Since 2004, Slagle has managed the sales teams for C&D Concrete and Shore Sand & Gravel on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Active in professional and community organizations, he has served on the board of directors for the Charles County Chamber of Commerce and the Southern Maryland Chapter of the American Red Cross, and coaches little league basketball and baseball in Charles County. Slagle currently serves on Maryland Ready Mix Concrete Association Board of Directors.

Along with Chaney Enterprises, Rowe Materials will have access to a new dispatching system that is integrated with GPS for on-time product delivery. Chaney Enterprises has a proven track record of environmental commitment and has been actively involved with state and national ready mix and sand and gravel industries.

Community outreach has been a hallmark of business for Chaney Enterprises. The communities serviced by Rowe Materials. The company hopes to support and develop the same strong relationships with communities serviced by Rowe Materials.

In addition to its focus on best business and environmental practices, Chaney Enterprises supports training and education. Rowe Materials’ employees will have access to Chaney’s award-winning Chaney University, providing them with the most current industry knowledge available.

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Rowe Materials Joins Chaney Enterprises: Jeff Slagle Named General Manager