Date: November 3, 2008

Pervious Concrete in Queen Anne’s County, MD: Bloomfield Farm To Have Pervious Parking

The public works department of Queen Anne’s County will become the first public office in Maryland to integrate pervious parking in its quest to embrace green building practices.

Bloomfield Farm in Centreville, recently acquired by the County, will become a new community park and tourism site upon completion of renovations. One of the renovations includes adequate parking for the farm’s visitors. To remain on the forefront of protecting and sustaining the beauty and viability of the land, as well as protect the Chesapeake Bay, the site design will include pervious parking. The first lot will be constructed of Drain-Crete, the signature pervious design mix for Chaney Enterprises and C&D Concrete.

The public works staff was first introduced to Drain-Crete when a demonstration pad was installed at one of its sites. “The public works engineers indicated they were pleased with the performance of the Pervious Concrete, and believed it could be a viable option for environmentally friendly parking at Bloomfield Farm,” said Steve Tripp, marketing manager of Chaney Enterprises and C&D Concrete. Weather permitting, the parking lot is expected to be installed November 4. Engineers and staff from Chaney Enterprises and C&D Concrete will be on hand at 10 a.m.

While a relatively new concrete product for the region, Pervious Concrete has been successfully used around the country for decades. Cities such as Chicago and states such as Florida have been leaders in the use of Pervious Concrete. Locally, Drain-Crete has been used on driveways in Southern Maryland in the last few months. Construction and development businesses in Maryland have begun to look with more interest into the use of Pervious Concrete and its flexibility in developing stormwater management systems. The Maryland Department of the Environment has begun serious discussion on the viability and application of Pervious Concrete.
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