Date: April 13, 2015

Open for Business in Annapolis

Head into our Annapolis Store location for all your geotextile, site work, aggregate, concrete form, and landscaping needs.

Located directly off of Bestgate Road across from the Annapolis Mall, for those landscape, site, and concrete contractors working in the area our Bestgate Concrete Ready Mix location is also home to a variety of common jobsite supplies you use on a daily basis.

If you are a landscape contractor, you’ll be able to easily source geotextile materials, EP Henry pavers and retaining walls, paver accessories, CR6 aggregate, concrete sand and various certified bio soils.

For site contractors, geotextiles for drainage and stabilization are available including Anne Arundel County Spec silt fence that isn’t offered anywhere else in the area.  Other materials include metal corrugated pipe, singe/double wall ADS and any of your gravel, stone, or bio soil needs.

Concrete contractors can pick up a full line of concrete forming and preparation items such as rebar (#4 & #5), wire in sheets or rolls, steel reinforcement including slab bolsters, and high chairs, tie wire spools, loop ties, 6 mil plastic, expansion joints, form release, sealer, and extruded or expanded polystyrene.

2015 Industrial Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401

Many products are also available for delivery.  For more information call 301-932-5000 for Chaney Enterprises or 410-618-3100 for BuilderUp.