Date: January 7, 2015

New Concrete Weather Calculator Launched

Weather plays a major factor in pouring concrete and we’re pleased to announce that we have launched a new calculator on our web site that helps you plan for the weather.  Nearly every day brings a weather concern so this calculator makes recommendations to reducing job site risk.

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At the core of the calculator is an evaporation rate calculation.  Much of the water in concrete is needed to hydrate cement to gain strength as the concrete cures.  Any excess water comes out of the mix in the form of bleed water.  When the rate at which water evaporates is greater than the rate at which water rises to the surface, the concrete is at risk.  If the humidity is low or the winds and temperatures are high, this essential water of hydration may evaporate causing the concrete to not cure properly.  Flatwork, which has more surface area exposed to evaporation, is more at risk however any concrete exposed should be a concern.  Excessive evaporation may cause surface strength loss and plastic-shrinkage cracking.

If the evaporation rate is a factor on a particular day, we strongly recommend fibers be added to the mix.  Also, you should consider the use of evaporation retardant, wind screens to lower wind velocity, or foggers to change the relative humidity in the immediate area.

We already have many ideas to improve the calculator for more weather factors.  We are always looking for customer feedback to make our tool is more useful to you.  Please email us at with any improvement ideas.