Date: September 4, 2019

News - Natural Sand For Pumpability & Workability

Happy Pump Guy Using Natural Sand

Natural sand, because it has been weathered and eroded into a smoother, more spherical shape, is ideal for the bonding necessary in batching: the round shape eliminates the possibility of voids in the aggregate. Therefore, the need for paste decreases. A batch of concrete made using natural sand reduces the overall cost of the mix while producing a high quality, durable product.


Concrete made using natural sand provides higher workability. The round shape of the aggregate makes the end product easier to pump. Greater pumpability decreases the odds that a load can’t be accessed, thereby reducing the possibility of a load being rejected, and overall costly jobsite delays.


Using natural sand during the batching process requires less water. As the water requirements
lessen, so do the material costs. Using less water means a reduction of other materials and additives, creating an overall cost effective mix that in turn increases the strength and workability of concrete.


The lower ratio of water required to create concrete using natural sand will increase the slump and the strength of concrete.


Less water content decreases the probability of bleeding. Bleeding occurs when water, which has the lowest specific gravity of all the contents, rises to the surface of freshly mixed concrete. The result is permeability, or in the case of slip form paving, the possibility of complete collapse. Bleeding can also cause costly delays in surface finishing.


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