Date: May 1, 2019

News - Lorton, Virginia Concrete Plant Now Open

Chaney Enterprises Lorton Virginia Concrete Plant

Chaney Enterprises announces the opening of its Lorton concrete plant in Virginia located at 9520 Gunston Cove Road directly off Interstate 95.  This is Chaney’s first plant in Fairfax County and will create approximately a dozen new jobs.   

The new Lorton plant is also Chaney’s first company-owned commercial office building constructed with panelized insulated concrete form (ICF).  To support the new plant and expanded service areas in Fairfax County, Chaney is introducing new concrete mixers equipped with VERIFI®.  The latest technology to monitor quality, the VERIFI® in-transit concrete management system continuously monitors and reports on the truck delivery phase and concrete properties.  It also makes any necessary adjustments to the concrete by adding the precise quantity of water or admixtures needed.

The new Lorton facility has earned Green-Star Certification from the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA).  Green-Star Certification is earned by companies that use Environmental Management Systems as a tool for environmental benchmarking and continual improvement, and to recognize those who adhere to essential principals of the environmental and sustainability movement of the ready mixed concrete industry.

Chaney’s Lorton plant’s additional modern, sustainable, and community-friendly features include dust suppression and dust collector equipment, white noise backup signals on all on-site equipment, pH treatment systems, and an all concrete parking and entryway that reduced outdoor lighting needs by 30 percent.

“Having this new concrete plant in Fairfax County and receiving permission from the Virginia Tourism Association to use the ‘Virginia is for lovers’ slogan on Chaney Enterprises’ new concrete mixers is an honor,” said Francis "Hall" Chaney, III, president of Chaney Enterprises.  “Working with a time-restricted perishable product like concrete that can only travel short distances, local plants are a requirement to get the job done.  Local plants, like our new Lorton concrete plant, also assist the local community and economy; and we are proud to now be supporting more of Northern Virginia.”

The Lorton plant was built using Chaney’s panelized ICF construction method.  Panelized ICF takes the ICF method of using insulated foam blocks that lock together and are then filled with reinforced concrete a step farther by forming the blocks into ICF wall panels.  The panelized ICF is done off-site and delivered to the jobsite ready to be braced and poured, making it possible to build walls in hours rather than days.  Environmental benefits of ICF include a reduction in heating and air condition costs between 25 and 45 percent, lower operational costs, and enhanced durability.

Mount Vernon District Supervisor Dan Storck, of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors shared, “Companies, like Chaney, that are passionately committed to their communities, work and environment, align well with our priority to continue to create a diverse and healthy environment for all residents, businesses, and travelers, alike. Chaney has already shown its commitment to the Lorton community by providing a ‘Welcome to Lorton’ sign, long awaited by the community. Thank you and welcome to the District, Chaney.”

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