Date: April 1, 2022

News - Introducing...CHOCO-CRETE!


Sure to be the trendiest fad in the ready-mix concrete industry, choco-crete delivers mouth-watering smells for this product's entire useful life! Although cocoa beans are a key additive in our new mix, consuming this product is not recommended. It's really all about the sniffs! 

We've truly thought of it all when it comes to this pungent new mix design; we're even offering fragrance additives such as caramel, mint, and hazelnut. For a fine aggregate, we suggest cacao nibs, but chunky chocolate chips add a little extra pizzazz! The best location to use this new concrete? Ice cream parlors, restaurants, coffee shops, and other delectable eateries of course!

Choco-crete currently meets the ASTM C1866 standard due to being categorized as a natural pozzolan and therefore a supplementary cementitious material (SCM.) Pozzolans are a broad class of both naturally occurring and industrially derived SCMs that, when finely ground and mixed with cement or other sources of calcium, react chemically to form compounds with cementitious properties.

Whether you'd like recommendations for a chocolate-bar stamped concrete contractor or a fudgy bonding agent, we're here to help! To place your order, call 1-800-APRILFOOLS.

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