Date: April 30, 2019

News - How to Get Pervious Certification

We get asked all the time about Pervious Concrete certification - what it is and how to get it.   The official specification that should be used on all projects is ACI 522.1-13, Specification for Pervious Concrete Pavement, which states that there should be at least one certified craftsman or three certified installers present for the entirety of each Pervious Concrete job.

So, What is Pervious Concrete Certification?

The National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA) sponsors the certification program, which has three levels with three different sets of requirements:

  • Pervious Concrete Technician (253 in MD, 190 in VA, 27 in DC,  and 4,454 Nationally)
    Requires only a written exam to demonstrate knowledge about proper procedures to place, compact, finish, edge, joint, cure and protect Pervious Concrete pavements.  There is no field experience required and that is part of the reason the technician level of certification is NOT part of the ACI 522 specification. This level of certification is perfect for testing companies, agencies, inspectors and those involved in specifying Pervious Concrete on a project.  It is also part of the certification requirement for those conducting the quality tests ASTM C1688 and ASTM C1701.
  • Pervious Concrete Installer (25 in Maryland, 4 in DC, and 176 Nationally)
    Requires the Technician certification, passing a field exam, and documentation of at least three projects totaling a minimum of 10,000 square feet of Pervious Concrete paving.
  • Pervious Concrete Craftsman (2 in MD, 1 in VA, and 34 Nationally)
    Requires the Technician certification, earning the ACI Flatwork Finisher certification and either 1) documenting 1,500 hours of Pervious Concrete construction experience and passing a field exam, or 2) documenting 3,000 hours of Pervious Concrete construction experience.

How Do I Get Pervious Concrete Certified?

Certification is managed at the local level.  In our region, the Maryland Ready Mix Concrete Association and the Virginia Ready Mix Concrete Association administer the certification programs.  Each association usually hosts two technician classes each year, and field exams can typically be done at job sites on an as-needed basis.  You may contact either association for specific information about upcoming classes or to be notified when one comes to your area.

How Can I Get Installer Certified if the Spec Won’t Let Me Pour?

It can seem a little unfair.  The specification requires experience, but how can you get experience if the specification will not let you install the product?  Many projects are not bid using the ACI 522 specification either because they are specified incorrectly, or because a small project, like a residential driveway, does not have any specification associated with it.  You can aggressively bid these opportunities to get experience.  You can also gain experience by performing a pervious project on your own property, creating your own job opportunities and volunteering for industry demonstrations.

If you have questions, give us a call and we’ll find the answer for you.

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