Date: November 28, 2018

News - Chaney Wins National Associated Builders and Contractors Safety Award

Chaney Enterprises announced it has won the National Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Inc. 2018 Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) Award for its continuous efforts in the development of work safety and quality programs. 

The STEP Award recognizes companies who exhibit a continued commitment to jobsite safety and are based on submitted data, essays, and interviews with the company leader about their corporate safety culture.  Applicants are required to exhibit long-term commitment to providing cutting-edge safety training to employees, continuous evaluation and evolution of their safety programs, and employer-employee involvement in cultivating a “culture of safety” throughout their company.

Research conducted by ABC reveals that STEP program participants see an 85 percent reduction in Total Recordable Incident Rates (TRIR) and are 670 percent safer than other workplaces.  Chaney employees received the award during ABC’s 2018 Excellence in Construction & Safety Awards Banquet held in Hanover.

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