Date: January 30, 2006

Chaney Foundation Donates to the Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department’s Auxiliary

The Chaney Foundation donated to the Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department's Auxiliary to help increase the support the Auxiliary provides for the Firefighters, EMS and their families. The donation made is so worth while to the fire department and community.

Recently Chaney Enterprises longtime employee, Gary Canfield, passed away. Gary was part of the Chaney team for 35 years. Not only did Gary work for Chaney Enterprises, so does his wife Pattie with 30 years of service, both providing outstanding and dedicated service to the Chaney team. Pattie and Gary also both supported the Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department and Auxiliary.

"On behalf of the Canfield family we want to express our most sincere expression of gratitude for Chaney's very generous donation to our local fire department auxiliary in Gary's name. Gary and I were very active for over 30 years. I will never forget how Chaney came to my assistance in so many ways. I am very proud to be a part of the Chaney team. Thank you so much. Sincerely Pattie Canfield"

Becky Hutchins, President of the Auxiliary and a member of the Chaney Enterprises Sales Support Department explained, "The Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department is the busiest ALL VOLUNTEER fire station in the country! Between the 3 stations, volunteer members respond to over 16,000 calls per year, divide that number by 365 days per year and you can see why new members are always wanted!"

The purpose of the Auxiliary is to aid and support the Fire & EMS personnel. Charles County allotted tax dollars does not always pay for all equipment needed to protect our community's citizens, so over the years the Auxiliary has had lots of fundraisers. A few of the fundraiser's are family photo pictures, bake sales, annual fall dinners, fish fry's and cook book and candy bar sales. The profits raised from these fundraisers have purchased fire department and EMS personnel much needed equipment including 2 Thermal Imaging Cameras at $16,000.00 each. When a Firefighter stands outside of a burning home and uses one of these cameras he can detect the body heat of child, adult or even a pet in the burning home. When they are detected they can be located faster making the possibility greater of a life being saved.

The Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. was organized over 60 years ago by a few local community men. A few years later the Ladies Auxiliary was organized by a few local community ladies. This year the name "Ladies" was dropped and now it is just named Auxiliary. Since the name change, 4 men have joined the group.

The community can assist the fire department and auxiliary by donating baked goods and individual juice/sports drinks that will be frozen and distributed when needed by the firefighters at the time of a call. You can also join as a Firefighter or EMS person at any of the 3 stations. All you have to do to join is stop by one of the 3 stations for an application and pay a one time membership fee of only $5.00. NEW MEMBERS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED AND WELCOMED!!!

It is real easy to join the Auxiliary, all you have to do is attend one of the monthly business meetings on the second Monday of the month and pay yearly membership dues of only $5.00.