Date: February 5, 2021

Chaney Enterprises Wins 2020 Slag Cement Project of the Year Award

Chaney Enterprises Wins 2020 Slag Cement Project of the Year Award

Chaney Enterprises, a ready-mix concrete, aggregates, custom blends, and related construction supplies provider, today announced it won a 2020 Slag Cement Project of Year Award for its Chesapeake Beach Spa and Resort parking garage project in Calvert County, MD.

The Slag Cement Project of the Year award is presented by the Slag Cement Association and recognizes projects that showcase the broad applications of slag cement and its impact on creating more durable, resilient, and sustainable concrete. Winners were awarded in six categories: sustainability, architecture, high performance, durability, green design, and innovative applications.

The Chesapeake Beach Spa and Resort parking garage project, highlighted in the architecture award category, is a four-story parking facility made with precast concrete beams and structures. The new parking garage allows an additional 700 vehicles to park on the resort’s premises, aiding in the resort’s expansion plan. Scheibel Construction based out of Huntingtown, Maryland was the general contractor. Tobar Construction was the concrete contractor on the project while Little Diversified Architectural Consulting and Walker Parking Consultants were the design firms involved with Chaney Enterprises supplying the concrete.

The parking garage project is a true testament of Chaney’s dedication to creating lasting structures with a positive impact on the environment.  The project used a concrete mix design with 50% slag to increase the compressive and flexural strength of the concrete. Additionally, the slag cement reduced the permeability of the final product and lead to lower heat generation. Overall, the use of slag as an alternative to cement helps to decrease greenhouse gas emissions; one ton of slag takes 90% less energy to produce than a ton of Portland cement.

Furthermore, using slag in the mix design lightened the color of the cured concrete, creating a more visually appealing and “bright white” parking garage. The white appearance of the garage increases concrete’s reflective properties, requiring less lighting and creating brighter conditions at night.

“The demand for materials that enhance concrete’s sustainability, durability, and innovative application is increasing every year,” said Jan Holt, chief customer officer of Chaney Enterprises. “The use of slag cement not only increases the green design of concrete, but also the visual appearance. It’s rewarding to see our team’s hard work transformed into a truly exceptional and useful final product for the Chesapeake Beach Spa and Resort.”