Date: April 22, 2020

News - Chaney Enterprises Uses CarbonCure Technology to Save 551 Tons of CO2 From Being Released into the Environment

CE_Earth_Day_2020_Carbon Cure

Three years ago, Chaney Enterprises joined the growing family of concrete producers across the nation who have partnered with CarbonCure Technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete. Chaney installed CarbonCure technology at their Green-Star Certified concrete plant located in Waldorf, MD in December 2017. Now in April 2020, Chaney Enterprises has continued to minimize their carbon footprint by installing CarbonCure at three additional Maryland concrete plants: Annapolis, Seat Pleasant and Upper Marlboro.

With four concrete plants currently using the green technology, Chaney Enterprises has delivered approximately 53,408 cubic yards of concrete made with CarbonCure to job sites across Maryland. Based on their July 2018 update, Chaney Enterprises has increased their total cubic yards of concrete produced with CarbonCure technology by over 83%.  Even more astounding, the company has managed to save 551 tons of CO2 from being released into the environment as a greenhouse gas.

CarbonCure’s unique technology introduces recycled CO2 into fresh concrete at the ready-mix plants. In a process known as CO2 mineralization, the CO2 is converted to a mineral and becomes permanently captured in Chaney’s concrete mixes. In other words, once the CO2 is chemically transformed into a mineral, it will never be released into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. This enables production efficiencies, such as a reduction in cementitious material, as well as carbon footprint reductions.  Aside from improving the concrete’s strength and durability, there is no impact on the concrete’s fresh or hardened properties.

The future is looking bright for Chaney Enterprises and CarbonCure; the ready-mix concrete supplier plans on installing the technology in their 17 other concrete plants across MD, DE and VA in the coming years. In addition to offering ready-mix concrete with CarbonCure, Chaney Enterprises provides other sustainable products such as pervious concrete, insulated concrete form (ICF) construction and recycled concrete.

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