Date: July 10, 2008

Chaney Employees Locked Up for ‘Good’

There was no hiding from Charles County’s Finest when Officer Stillwell “arrested” Carla Meissner and Sherry Santana on July 9. Both “criminals” were booked and taken to “jail” at the Longhorn Restaurant in Waldorf to raise donations for the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Summer Camp.

“So, Officer, how much do I give to KEEP Ms. Santana ‘behind bars’?” Tripp was heard saying as Stillwell read the warrant and cuffed the perpetrators. It could be certain that no amount was high enough to keep the gals in. “Woe-is-Me” Meissner garnered $1,050 in bail, joining MDA’s $1000 Club before getting her papers out of the slammer. “Pollyanna” Santana squeaked by the Warden with a modest $400 to get out of jail. Between them they can send nearly two of Jerry’s Kids to camp this year.

Both “reformed convicts” thank all their family, friends and Chaney team members for their generous support and good humor.

An annual event, the MDA Lockup is one of many fundraisers throughout the year to support MDA, and both gals can still take donations on their websites. Go to

Chaney Employees Locked Up for ‘Good’