Date: December 4, 2013

50th Years of Service: The Storied Career of Bobby Tucker


This issue of our newsletter salutes Bobby Tucker, who retired after 50 years as a member of the Chaney family.  Bobby no longer clocks in every day, but he is an Ambassador for the Chaney family of companies. Our Ambassadors are retirees who share their knowledge of Chaney Enterprises and the concrete and aggregate industry with younger employees and our customers, while enjoying the perks of retirement. 

When Bobby joined us in 1963 we had one plant and 13 mixer trucks—and everybody, including the CEO, delivered concrete. Today we’ve grown to 15 plants, 130 mixer trucks, and more than 250 employees. Bobby is helping us to continue the same kind of personalized customer service today that we offered 50 years ago. We especially welcome his support now as we continue to grow in a highly competitive business during a time of economic uncertainty.

 “The Chaney Family never asked me to do something that family members were not willing to do themselves. They always had my back,” Bobby says. During his half-century of service he worked on just about everything concrete including roads, highways, bridges, and tunnels. For 50 years, Bobby helped us keep our promise to deliver product on time and in spec.

Chaney Enterprises salutes, Bobby Tucker, for his commitment, loyalty, willingness to teach--and his continuing friendship. 

50th Years of Service: The Storied Career of Bobby Tucker