The Chaney Way


Eugene “Babe” Chaney Sr. founded Chaney Enterprises over forty years ago with a small operation in Charles County. Since that time, the company has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of construction materials and supplies in the Mid-Atlantic. Still family owned and operated, Chaney Enterprises continues to focus on delivering superior quality products with exemplary service to contractors and homeowners.

Core Values

Honesty • Integrity • Caring • Quality • Hard Work • Fairness • Friendliness • Reliability • Professionalism • Charity • Knowledge • Excellent Self Image

Our employees take pride in offering top quality concrete, sand, gravel, stone, masonry products and supplies delivered on time to our customers. Chaney Enterprises was built on and still operates under the premise that the customer comes first. We empower our employees to do whatever it takes to deliver the best products on time, every time. We assure that we maintain 100% customer satisfaction by retaining the most qualified and dedicated employee group in our industry through continuous support, education and incentive programs.

Great employees make a great compnay

Chaney Enterprises operates state of the art production facilities and a fleet of late model trucks. Safety is critical to our operation so we run our fleet with lights on and train our drivers to be respectful of the roads we share with our neighbors. Always mindful of our responsibilities to our community and the environment, Chaney Enterprises gives back to the community through our philanthropic organization, the Eugene Chaney Foundation. The foundation provides for a better quality of life for the communities in which we do business. Also through land reclamation, water filtration, air and noise pollution programs, we strive to be responsible in our day to day operations and how they impact the environment.

Committed to serving our industry, employees and community, that’s the rock solid foundation Chaney Enterprises was built upon.

Mission Statement

Chaney Enterprises mission is to strengthen the association of our name with quality products and service through the recruitment and continuance of outstanding personnel and the delivery of superior construction materials and supplies to our customers in the Mid-Atlantic region and to realize a reasonable return while continuing our ongoing commitment to our environment and our community.