Sustainable Products

While all our aggregate and concrete products offer green advantages, a few products stick out:

Pervious Concrete 
Because pervious concrete allows water to flow right through it into the soil, it eliminates runoff and the need for other stormwater management measures such as retention ponds, swales and storm sewers. This allows for more efficient land use, and space is preserved or made available for parking, green space, homes and other uses.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)
Insulated Concrete Forms will not only make your building wind, fire, sound and mold resistant, but ICF buildings also save money because they cut 30—40 % of energy costs.

Concrete Parking Lots
A pristine concrete parking lot adds value to any property because concrete not only looks more attractive than asphalt, but it also saves money on initial costs and long term maintenance. Concrete is cheaper to install, requires only a fraction of the maintenance that asphalt requires, will last three times as long as asphalt. And with its reflective surface, a concrete parking lot even requires 30% less lighting than an asphalt one.

Recycled Concrete
By diverting construction waste from landfills, the use of recycled concrete not only helps protect the environment, but also saves money by reusing material, and avoiding disposal fees.