Mining and Reclamation

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We are Chaney Enterprises, a local, family-owned company founded in 1962. As the largest producer of sand and gravel in Maryland, we are also one of Southern Maryland’s largest employers. Our roots in the community are deep, enduring and built on trust. So is our commitment to preserving the beauty and health of the land—we recognize that the environment must be treated with respect and with an eye to the future. The company employs best industry practices in land management, mining, reclamation and aggregate and concrete operations while providing something we will all need as long as civilization exists.

sand and gravel mine site  Over 1.7 million pounds of stone, sand and gravel are produced to satisfy the needs of just one American—and the only way to obtain these valuable materials is to mine them.

Our mining operation provides ingredients needed to produce the world’s most durable and environmentally friendly building material: concrete. To create our award-winning concrete, Chaney Enterprises employs the latest production and testing technology. We deliver this product with the newest fleet of mixer trucks in the Mid-Atlantic, which are maintained to the highest safety and operational standards. In order to eliminate dust in our operational areas, these mixers are always washed down prior to leaving our plants and our haul roads are sprayed daily. To increase the sustainability of our operations, Chaney Enterprises is also replacing fossil fuel oil with the renewable biofuel in our hot water boilers and ultimately in our off-road vehicles.  

How does Chaney Enterprises mine?

Before we develop a potential mining site, we educate and inform our community neighbors. Throughout the mining process, we consult with our neighbors, forming a team of engineers, Chaney Enterprises staff, and citizens.

Our mining process typically involves three simultaneous stages: preparing 10 acres, mining 10 acres, and reclaiming and restoring 10 acres in a process called “10-10-10”. This way we move through the site in a way that ensures that no more than 30 acres is disturbed at a time.

What happens to the material once it is mined?

Once the raw material, which is called bank run, is removed, it is trucked to our sand and gravel wash plant. A specialized machine washes and segregates the sand and gravel by size, using water from three self-sustaining ponds. The water from the first pond is cleaned using a mud press, the first of its kind to be operated on the East Coast. The water then travels to the next pond for additional cleaning by another specialized machine. Then, the water moves to the last pond, where it is then pulled to the wash plant and used again.

What happens to a mine site once Chaney Enterprises finishes mining it?

former sand and gravel mine site

The site is reclaimed, meaning we restore the land to its original use, or to a condition supporting an approved alternative use that is always in accordance with state and local regulations. This ensures adequate land stability, drainage, vegetative cover and esthetics—all to provide the most benefits to the community.

Using the top layer of soil that is pulled back before the mining begins, we grade and contour the mined area. Then vegetation is planted. Some areas become wetlands, almost immediately serving as a habitat for plants and animals. Other mines sites have been reclaimed as farmland, green spaces, housing developments, recreational facilities and even an 18-hole golf course. Chaney Enterprises was honored with the Maryland Department of the Environment Reclamation Award and the Interstate Mining Compact Commission’s National Reclamation Award, and donates numerous acres of wetlands to state preservation programs