Land Division

As Chaney Enterprises is vertically integrated, we are continually on the lookout for possible land acquisitions as it is an imperative part of our business being the leading supplier of ready-mix concrete, sand, and gravel in the area.

Chaney Enterprises’ land division manages all acquisitions, permitting, certifications, mining, and development of our holdings. They are also responsible for all environmental compliance within the company and handle all inspections, and processes associated with our projects.

If you are a land owner in Maryland, Virginia, or Delaware of over 100 acres or more and are interested in the sale or lease of your land for harvesting sand and gravel, please contact our Land General Manager, Kyle Murray, at 301-932-5335.

In order to meet the needs of every American each year for their lifetime, 1.25 million pounds of stone, sand, and gravel* is needed.

Sand, Gravel, and Concrete Cycle
Chaney Enterprises looks to their strong community relationships to acquire land and permit reserves.  With land acquisitions we are able to mine high quality sand and gravel at a low cost.  Sand and gravel allows us to produce high quality concrete, again at a low cost, and deliver concrete at competitive prices to locations that are close to growing markets.  After we are finished mining for sand and gravel, the land is then developed into community supported projects with leading contractors or returned to its former state.

The 10-10-10 Process
During the mining process, three simultaneous stages are taking place as a process called “10-10-10”.  This means that we prepare 10 acres, mine 10 acres, and restore 10 acres.  A process which allows no more than 30 acres to be disturbed at a time.

Once a site has been mined, the reclamation process begins and the land is either restored to its original use or to a condition where it is able to support an approved alternative use.  The site is re-graded with topsoil and vegetation is planted to help stabilize the site and handle rain water drainage properly in order to prevent soil erosion.
Mine sites have been reclaimed and converted into alternative uses such as green spaces, housing developments, wetland mitigation banks, farmland, and recreational facilities.

Chaney Enterprises has received multiple awards for their reclamation process, including the Maryland Department of the Environment‘s Reclamation Award and the United States National Reclamation Award presented by the Interstate Mining Compact Commission.

Currently, Chaney Enterprises is working with the University of Maryland and the US Geological Survey regarding a study they are performing on the reclaiming process.  As it turns out, retired sand and gravel mine sites are the perfect ecosystem for bees and some other insects that reflected the natural habitat of the area a couple hundred years ago.  

Post Mining Use Examples:

  • Renditions Golf Course  in Anne Arundel County, MD
    • Public award winning course
    • Replica holes that have hosted one of golf’s four major championships


  • Southern Hills
    • Currently, 24 lots adjacent to Renditions golf course are available for development.  These sites are the last major subdivision available in the sought after zip code of Davidsonville, Maryland.


  • Schraders Outdoors in Caroline County, MD
    • 12 bedroom manor house with outdoor recreational facility
    • 70 acre lake


  • Groves at Piney Church in Charles County, MD
    • 56 lots converted into single family homes by Lennar.


  • Stewarts Grant in St. Mary’s County, MD
    • Located one mile from the entrance to PAX River Naval Base
    • 1633 residential units complete with retail and commercial components
    • An approved Planned Unit Development (PUD)


Land Use (land originally not mined)

  • North Pointe in Charles County, MD
    • 342 lots converted in single family homes by Quality Built Homes and DR Horton.


*Data collected from the National Mining Association, the U.S. Geological Survey and the Energy Information Administration. Based off of a life expectancy of 78.8 years.