Sustainable Sites - Credit 6.1

Stormwater Design - Quantity Control (1 points)

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The intent of this credit is to limit disruption of natural water hydrology by reducing impervious cover, increasing on-site infiltration, reducing or eliminating pollution from stormwater runoff, and eliminating contaminants. Using pervious concrete pavements will reduce the rate and quantity of stormwater runoff because it increases infiltration of stormwater. Pervious concrete contains coarse aggregate, little or no fine aggregate, and sufficient cementitious paste to bind the aggregate while providing a network of interconnected voids between the coarse aggregates. The result is concrete with a high volume of voids (15% to 25%) and high permeability that allows water to flow through easily. Vegetated roofs (green roofs) are also identified as a strategy to achieve this credit. Reinforced concrete is often used as the structural system to support the heavy loads of vegetated roofs. This credit is worth 1 point.

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