Regional Priority - Credit 1

Regional Priority (1-4 points)

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These regional bonus credits are identified by USGBC Chapters and Regional Councils for each "environmental zone" and a maximum of four points are available for project teams to pursue in this credit category. Each USGBC region has the authority to create six potential bonus credits, of which one may pursue a maximum of four. This is a new category of credits available under LEED 2009. This allows for the "regional authority" to designate targeted credits that are of particular importance for a region and potentially give additional credits for projects that meet criteria in existing credit categories.

For example, in a region where urban heat island reduction is identified as an important goal, the USGBC Chapter could increase the points available for Sustainable Sites Credit 7.1 and 7.2 to 2 points each instead of 1 point thus creating greater incentive for design teams to employ heat island reduction strategies of these credits. Since concrete contributes to most credit categories it will play a significant role in achieving Regional Priority credits. 1-4 points are available for this credit.