Energy and Atmosphere - Credit 1

Optimize Energy Performance (2-19 points)

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This credit is awarded if energy cost savings beyond a baseline can be demonstrated compared to a baseline building that meets the requirements of ASHRAE 90.1-2007. Performance must be measured by a whole building simulation using the Building Performance Rating Method in Appendix G of the ASHRAE Standard. Many engineering consulting firms have the capability to model a building to determine energy savings using a computer-based program such as DOE2. When concrete is considered. it is important to use a program like DOE2 that calculates yearly energy use on an hourly basis. Such programs are needed to capture the beneficial thermal mass effects of concrete.

Insulated concrete building systems, used in conjunction with other energy savings measures, will most likely be eligible for points under this credit. The number of points awarded will depend on the building, climate, fuel costs and minimum requirements of the standard. From I to 19 points are awarded for energy cost savings of 12% to 48% for new buildings and 8% to 44% for existing buildings.

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