Energy and Atmosphere - Prerequisite 2

Minimum Energy Performance (Required points)

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To achieve any level of LEED certification buildings must demonstrate a 10% improvement for new buildings or a 5% improvement for existing building renovations in the proposed building performance rating compared to the baseline building performance rating per ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2007. The requirements of the ASHRAE standard are cost-effective and support the use of thermal mass for building components. Insulating to exceed the requirements of the standard is generally a wise business choice. 

Building components constructed of concrete generally exhibit a property known as thermal mass. This means the components have enough heat-storage capacity to moderate daily temperature swings. Buildings constructed of cast-in-place frame, tilt-up or insulating concrete forms (ICF) possess thermal mass which helps moderate indoor temperature extremes and reduces peak heating and cooling loads. In many climates, these buildings have lower energy consumption than nonmassive buildings with walls of similar insulation. In addition, heating, ventilating and air-conditioning needs can be met with smaller capacity equipment. This credit is a prerequisite for certification and is not worth any points.

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