Indoor Environmental Quality - Credit 4.3

Low-Emitting Materials - Flooring Systems (1 points)

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The intent of this credit is to reduce the quantity of indoor air contaminants that are odorous, irritating and/or harmful to the comfort and well being of the occupants. All carpet and carpet cushion installed in the building must meet the testing and product requirements of the Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label Plus program. All carpet adhesive must meet the requirements of IEQ Credit 4.1. All hard surface flooring must be compliant with the FloorScore Standard by an independent third party. Concrete, wood, bamboo and cork floor finishes such as sealer, stain and finish must meet the requirement of South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1113, Architectural Coatings, rules In effect on January 1, 2004.

A second option for achieving this credit is to have all flooring elements installed in the building interior meet the testing and product requirements of the California Department of Health Services Standard Practice for the Testing of Volatile Organic Emissions using small scale environmental chambers.

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