RCC Riddle Pour

Concrete Brief

The roadway into the Riddle Sand and Gravel operation supports about 300 to 400 trucks with sand and gravel each day. After years of abuse, the asphalt road could not hold up under the traffic strains. To complicate matters, this busy location operates six days a week and the one and only entrance road could not be out of commission for an extended

It was decided that a roller compacted concrete (RCC) overlay would not only be the most cost effective solution, but would also be the fastest option to get the operation back up and running and stay that way for decades longer.

Roller compacted concrete shares both properties of asphalt and concrete so it truly represents the best of both worlds delivering short and long-term value. It is pre-mixed at the plant and placed with equipment common to the asphalt industry. The appearance is very similar to the open graded look of asphalt, only it has a much lighter color that reduces the urban heat effect and decreases lighting needs by 30%. Chaney Enterprises mix of RCC, called Chaney Compacted Concrete (or C3) has been specially formulated and optimized for strength and mix stability. 

Due to the scope of work, the site was able to shut down for one Saturday, but needed to be open to full truck traffic at 5:00 am on Monday morning. Crews arrived early Saturday and immediately began paving. The first task was to make repairs to the existing asphalt road which was rutted and full of potholes. Using a process called shimming, a thin layer of roller compacted concrete was place in the low area before the full 4.75 inch overlay was applied immediately after.