Rcc Pour King George High School

Concrete Brief

After a medical emergency on the athletic fields of King George High School in Virginia, quick response vehicles were unable to navigate the soft ground of the dirt road leading to the playing fields. To ensure the safety of future student athletes, the school needed an inexpensive, quick, and durable paving solution. After meeting with a local asphalt paver who was experienced in roller compacted concrete, it was decided that concrete would be the most economical way to meet the project requirements.

Chaney Compacted Concrete, or C3, is Chaney Enterprises’ roller compacted concrete mix that is placed and finished in a similar manner to asphalt, typically resulting in a significant initial cost savings between 5% to 25%, plus all the long-term benefits of traditional concrete paving.

The entire 400 foot long path was paved in under two hours, open to emergency traffic immediately and general traffic the next morning. The school was able to have the best of both worlds by saving money upfront and getting a superior, long lasting pavement.

For more information on C3 or Roller Compacted Concrete, visit ChaneyEnterprises.com/RollerCompactedConcrete